Friday, January 26, 2007

Mirrored S$16.90 SOLD

An Anna Sui inspired piece. Turn it over and it's a mirror. You can check yourself out every now and then.

Winged S$17.90 SOLD

Pooch S$19.90 SOLD

Pooch is named after my best friend's dog. He's a golden retriever and the friendliest one around the neighbourhood.

Suki Yuki S$19.90 SOLD

Suki is a mermaid and she sits on a fiery, red heart.

So Beary S$19.90 SOLD

Little furry bear sits on a red heart.

Bambi S$14

This Bambi piece comes to you with a strawberry.

Bambi S$14 SOLD

So cute! Bambi comes with either a cherry red heart or a strawberry.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Livia S$29.90 SOLD

This piece of necklace was specially customised for one of the sweetest natured lady I've come acrossed. The charms and bead that you see in this piece is chosen by her. Enjoy your necklace girl and did the fly follow you around? Haha =)

Ahoy! S$14.90 SOLD

Joy S$19.90

Audrey $19.90 SOLD

Crowned S$14

Feline S$14 SOLD

Glass Slippers? S$11.90

Have ya lost your slippers? =p

Ginger S$14

This pair of gold kitty earrings is named after my cat, Ginger. He's a little pudgy like what you see in the pict above.

Locked Away $6

Meow S$8 SOLD

Silver Crown S$12 SOLD

Crown You King S$10.90 SOLD

Vickie S$19.90 SOLD

This necklace is named after my newly found friend, Vickie. We were bored stiff mending our stall so I asked this fashionista to come up with a simple design and guess what? It was snapped up within the next 5 mins after she was displayed!

Beverly S$19.90 SOLD

Kelly S$19.90 SOLD

Matilda S$19.90 SOLD

Annie S$19.90 SOLD

Annie sits on a huge white heart pendant. Grab her while she's still available!

Rocker Chick S$12.90 SOLD

This pair of earrings is for the rocker chick in you. Think Aerosmith and Van Halen. Woo hoo! Rock on!

Emma S$35.90 SOLD

Emma's chain is made up of black pearls and white beads. Emma was named after a friend who just gave birth not too long ago. A healthy 7 pounder!

Hannah S$19.90 SOLD

Hannah sits on a huge red heart pendant. She'll steal your heart away =)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Beary Love $19.90 SOLD

Grace S$19.90 SOLD

Grace looks almost similar to Daisy but they're both different figurines. Enjoy this one-off piece necklace.

The Temptation S$17.50 SOLD

Get yourself tempted with this pair of skull earrings!

Catty S$19.90 SOLD

King Of Kings S$21.90 SOLD

The Lord is crowned King of Kings in this one-off piece necklace. Finishes off with silver tassels.

Little Miss Sunshine S$39.90 SOLD

Miss Sunshine is a double layered necklace with black pearls and a white glass bead. A gold heart dangles at the end of the chain.

Rhonda S$35.90 SOLD

Rhonda comes to you with a fury red glass bead and with gold tassels dangling at the end.

Dorothy S$25.90

Dorothy is a bracelet that's made up of black pearls and she sits on a gold filigree. Only one available.
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