Monday, March 5, 2007

Purrr S$12.90

Purr has a collar with a purple chez bead. Necklace is approximately 40cm and chain is approximately 75cm in length.

Gold Star Puff or GSP for short S$17.90 SOLD

Ruhbs gave me that nick or rather that is what he likes calling me - "Gold Star Puff". This necklace comes to you with a puff angel hanging from a gold plated star. Necklace is approximately 40cm and chain is approximately 75cm in length.

Eagle's Wings S$14.90 each. Gold - SOLD

Eagle's Wings comes to you in three different colours - gold, silver and black. Length of necklace is approximately 40cm and length of chain is approximately 75cm.

Under lock and KEY S$10

A green glass bead sits in the middle of this gold key. Length of chain is approximately 75cm and length of necklace is appoximately 40cm

The Key to Happiness S$12 SOLD

Maharani S$14 SOLD

Maharani S$14 SOLD

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Heidi S$19.90 SOLD

Natalia S$19.90 SOLD

Lucia S$19.90 RESERVED

Puff's Vintage Brooches S$24 each

Top row(from left to right) : Brooch A. Brooch B.
Bottom row (from left to right) : Brooch C (SOLD), Brooch D.

Check out these lovely vintage brooches too! It comes in four different designs. I've kept one of each for myself! Couldn't keep my hands off them =p

Puff's Vintage Collection S$18 each

From left to right : Pendant A, Pendant B, Pendant C, Pendant D, Pendant E, Pendant F.

Hey everyone! Puff is now selling these Vintage pendants after countless requests. Each one sits on a gold filigree with a ring attached at the top for you to string your own chain. Grab them while you still can!

Elaine S$45

This piece of necklace was specially customised for a lovely customer of mine. It ends with a gold plated heart and gold tassels. Enjoy your necklace my dear! =p
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