Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Simplicité - S$27.90

A classy piece. I teamed rectangular onyx stones with 14k gold plated butterflies and round hoops.Approximate length of earrings is 6.5cm inclusive of 14k gold plated hooks.

Two sets are available.

For a clearer view of the rectangular onyx stones, click on my Flick pictures on the left hand corner of the blog.

The Secret Garden - S$20.90 RESERVED

My favourite piece today =) 14K gold plated butterfly sits in the middle of this piece, surrounded by white clay flowers, faux pearl and jewellery seals. Ends off with a deep purple glass briolette.
Approximate length of chain is 17inches.

Non tarnish wires, 14k gold plated chain and lobster clasp were used.

No remakes.

The Order of the Phoenix - S$25.90

For Harry Potter fans =) A phoenix is a mythological bird that dies in flames and is reborn from the ashes.

A cloisonne phoenix sits on a fossilized coral stone. 14K gold plated chain and lobster clasp is used. I didn't want to add more stuff to the stone as it would take the focus off it's natural state. =)

Approximate length of chain is 17inches.

No remakes.

Papillon - S$25.90

Papillon is butterfly in French. Semi - precious turquoise stone with a cloisonne butterfly attached to it. Length of chain is approximately 17inches. I refused to add more to this piece as I wanted to retain the natural look of the turquoise stone. =)

Non tarnish wires and chains were used.

No remakes.

Because You're Like An Angel - Customization

For a dear friend.... Rhodium butterflies, faux pearl and pink swarovski teardrops were used in this piece.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vernetta - S$19.90 RESERVED

Another pair of stud earrings. I used clay flowers for this piece and it ends off with a red glass briolette. 14K gold plated stem with leaves are used too. Approximate length of earrings is 4.5cm inclusive of hooks.

Non tarnish wires and 14K gold plated hooks were used.

No remakes.


I've attached silver butterflies, clay flowers and pink and white jewellery seals on this piece. The backing of it is made from quality wood and ends off with pink swarovski teardrops. Length of this piece is approximately 6cm inclusive of hooks.

No remakes.

Christine - S$24.90 RESERVED

I named this piece after one of my customer. =p I used Jacq's clay roundelles with butterfly and citron briolettes. Non tarnish wires and 14K gold plated hooks were used. Length of earrings is approximately 7cm inclusive of hooks.

No remakes.

My Lady 2.

One of my customers asked me to turn My Lady 2 into a bag charm for her and insisted that I take a before and after picture of her bag and post it up on my webbie. So here it is my dear. =p

Her bag - Without the bag charm

After - With the bag charm =p

A close up shot of the bag charm with my customer's bag.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


My Fair Lady is a musical with a book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. The show's 1956 Broadway production was a smash hit, setting a new record for the longest run of any major theatre production in history.

My Fair Lady comes to you with orange glass briolettes, a cameo, a 3dimensional butterfly ( on the left were the pearls are) and clay flowers sitting on a bronze filigree.

No remakes.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Enchantment - S$25.90 RESERVED FOR SHERMIN

Glass briolettes are used for this piece, a clay flower on an antique filigree and a heart.

No remakes.

Bloomingdale - S$18

I used red glass teardrops in this piece with antique butterfly and pearls set on a brass filigree.

No remakes.

My Lady 2 - S$25.90 SOLD

This is another version of My Lady with a bronze butterfly and green swarovski beads adorning this necklace.

No remakes.

Mystified - S$25.90 SOLD

Another vintage necklace. I teamed a clay flower with pearl and a green czech bead with antique brass filigree.

No remakes.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Lady - S$25.90 SOLD

A vintage necklace. My Lady is adorned with a vintage cameo, pearls, a silver butterfly and a green glass teardrop. She sits on a brass filigree and ends with brass chains. Her chain is approximately 40cm in length.

No remakes.

Fly me to the Moon - S$19.90 SOLD

A pair of vintage earrings. Silver butterflies, pearls and clay flowers were used for this piece. Length of earrings is approximately 8cm inclusive of hooks.

No remakes.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I made a new friend!

Hello again babes!

Puff has made a new friend during the Timbre Event. A charming lady, an artisan jewelery designer and an experienced floral arranger. She creates lovely lariats other necklaces. Visit her at www.hi-ann-creations.blogspot.com

Love Ya'll,

Vintage Pendants for sale! - S$18 each

Hello darlings! =p

Puff is selling these lovely vintage pendants! They measure 5cm x 3.5cm. Add $2 for chain or $1.50 for a bag charm. =p


Vintage Pendant B

Vintage Pendant C

Vintage Pendant D

Vintage Pendant E

Aloysius - S$28.90

I used red chez beads in this piece. Another layered necklace with a vintage pendant.

No remakes.

Jade - S$28.90

This piece is a layered necklace. I used blue chez beads and blue glass beads and a vintage pendant from Switzerland.

No remakes.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jacqueline - S$25.90 RESERVED

Another vintage pendant. This time black pearls and Jacq's clay pillow are used.

No remakes.

Cindy - S$25.90 SOLD

Red chez beads is used again in this piece. A shoe pendant is used.

No remakes.

Kimberly - S$25.90 SOLD

Kimberly is made up of silver and white pearls and ends off with a vintage pendant and a clay flower (yes, again! =p). Another classy piece!

Patricia - S$25.90 SOLD

Red chez beads and a clay flower are used in this piece. I named this piece after mummy dearest because she's such an animal lover and she loves birds as well. A vintage bird pendant is used.

Lynette - S$25.90

White and champagne pearls are used in this necklace. Clay flowers are used too and it ends off with a book locket which can be opened. A classy piece.

No remakes.

Charmed - S$20.90 SOLD

A vintage key and a cameo is used in this necklace.

No remakes.

Amber - S$20.90 SOLD

So adorable! I love this necklace too! Clay flowers are wired around the gold ring while a bear sits right in the middle of it. The wiring of clay flowers was inspired by Cheryl Bianca and used with permission from her. Do check out her webbie! I named this piece after my niece, Amber! She's such a sweetie!

No remakes.

Kimarie - Customization

Don't you think this pair of earrings is shoooo cute? It's named after one of my customer and she fell in love with this Puff Angel with a pink dress holding a red heart. She was so excited about it!
I simply love this customer of mine! =p She's shooo adorable just like the Puff Angels!
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