Saturday, September 8, 2007

Farewell to Pavarotti.... and a trip down Arab Street.

We bid farewell to Pavarotti today. Known as one of the Three Tenors, he was famed for the brilliance and beauty of his tone especially into the upper register.

R.I.P. Pavarotti. You'll be missed. =(

We took a trip down to Arab Street today. I felt nostalgic as I entered a shop full of antiques
porcelain plates and Peranakan beaded shoes (Yes I'm Peranakan & proud of my heritage! =p), more commonly known as "kasut manik" to the bibik and nonyas.

There's a class for learning how to sew the beaded shoes. I'm sooo tempted to sign up for the class.

*fingers crossed*

Anyway, I found the bedak (powder) that my mama (granny) used to use for her face. Nowadays it's used to clean silver. On top of that, I discovered there was a Sasha Bear & Co. shop located in the middle of Arab Street. We took Arthur & Rody (seen in the pict above) home. =)

It was a day well spent. I'm well loved. =p and I'm a happy girl.! =)

More designs coming up in the next few days. Watch out for it! =p In the meantime, you guys have a fantastic Sunday! I know mine will be great! *winks*

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