Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Puff Angel Necklace - $30 each

For those who love the Puff Angels...... =)

I present to you....... " Name your very own Puff Angel necklace!" Yes! You get to name them when you purchase and own any one of these lovely and cute necklaces! =p

My Puff Angel necklace 1

This necklace is made up of a 14k gold plated angel word charm, imported vintage flowers, glass teardrop and a green Puff Angel ( our latest arrival! =p)

My Puff Angel necklace 2(SOLD)

This necklace decked in pink consist of vintage flowers, glass teardrop, swarovski rhinestone chain, 14k gold plated chains and a cute Puff Angel dressed in a pretty, colourful dress.

My Puff Angel necklace 3

Decked out in blue, this piece consist of imported vintage flowers, glass teardrop, pearl, rhodium chains and a blue Puff Angel carrying her favourite teddy bear! =p Sooooo adorable, don't you think so? =p =p

My Puff Angel necklace 4

This piece comes to you in purple with purple vintage flowers, clay flower, glass teardrop and a purple Puff Angel carrying a teddy bear! =p

For a closer look at her, click here
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