Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello peeps!

How has your week been? I know it's been kinda loomy and gloomy lately with all the current happenings around the world. Maybe some of you may wanna stab or hang me with what I'm about to say. I'm gonna say it anyway. Let's stay positive! "How?" you may ask. Don't dwell on the negative!

But seriously, if you need a listening ear or you may just want to pour your heart out, drop me an email at My doors are always open 24/7. =)

So what have I been up to this week?

I've been shuffling between two different places for two different conferences. Can dieeeeeee! =p
And I've been messing around with my wires and pearls. I was surfing and I was inspired by a few designs.

This pair of cluster pearl earring is sooo pretty, isn't it? I was inspired to design something similar. Credits of this picture goes to

This is a pretty similar design of cluster pearl. Credits of this picture goes to

The Swan Lake - $36 (SOLD)

And so I quickly got down to wiring some pearls together and it turned out so cute! See the above picture. Can you spot the cluster of pearls together? Yah, that was what I ended up with after trying to wire like 6 pearls together! =p

This piece consist of pewter swan charm (handcarried from overseas and lead free), swarovski rhinestone ring, swarovski pearls, peach teardrop, cluster of swarovski pearls, czech flower.

Approximately 6.5cm in length inclusive of hooks.

Non-tarnish wires and 14k gold plated chains and hooks were used.

Absolutely no remakes.
To bring this baby home, please email to
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