Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brilliance - $40 (SOLD)

D just came back from a business trip and I almost fainted when he showed me what he had gotten me. Cubic zirconia (CZ) gemstones in different shades! Oh my! I marvelled at their brilliance and cut! =p

He's pretty good at choosing beads, I must say! =p

What a darling! I love it! I love the cubic zirconia's brilliance!

This piece is made up of vintage flowers, swarovski pearls, mother of pearl bird charm, swarovski rhinestone and the star of this piece, the cubic zirconia gemstones!

Approximately 7.5cm in length inclusive of hooks. Please note that the cubic zirconia stone is a little weighty.

Non-tarnish wires and 14k gold plated hooks and chains were used.

Absolutely no remakes.

To bring this baby home, please email to puffaccessories@hotmail.com

This CZ gemstone is guaranteed for life to never lose it's brilliance and luster and to never cloud as many commercial CZs do.

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