Saturday, May 15, 2010


Thank you! Membership is closed!
All spaces have been filled up!

Something exciting coming your way!
You know you love our PUFF ANGELS but can't seem to get hold of them?
Fret not! We're now launching our very own PUFF ANGEL FAN CLUB!

For only $65 for 2 months, you will
*receive a FREE Puff Angel item every month for the next 2 months (that's 2 FREE Puff Angel items for the next 2 months!!!);

*be able to view our selected and exclusive new Puff Angel designs (specially designed by our new inhouse designer) for customization before we upload it on our website.

Hurry! Very limited membership spaces available!

Each FREE item that you receive each month will be specially designed by us!

This membership does not entitle you to customizations meaning we will not entertain your specific request to any design of your choice.

If you'd like to join our Exclusive Puff Angel Fan Club, please email to us at with the subject 'PUFF ANGEL FAN CLUB'.

Feel free to drop us an email too if you have any queries regarding the
Puff Angel Fan Club.

*Thank you Gene for inspiring us with this suggestion of a Puff Angel Fan Club! We so appreciate you!
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