Friday, March 14, 2008

One Big Gigantic Family Collection! (Necklaces)

This collection is called "One Big Gigantic Family" collection. These earrings and necklaces and all named after my "extended" family (actually we're all great friends). We meet every single week without fail at our favourite haunt - Wang Cafe for our favourite kaya toast and kopi siew dai. =p

Jane - S$30

Jane is like a second mother to me. She is a fantastic cook and loves cooking for us. She takes very good care of me and loves me for who I am. =)

Jane is made up of a blue Puff Angel with a blue ribbon on her hair (my last Puff Angel for this design. check out her pig tails too!), imported vintage flowers, clay flowers, swarovski crystals and rhodium butterfly.

Length of chain is approximately 70cm long.

Rhodium chains were used.

Kit - S$25

Kit could be a mega chinese pop star if she participated in a singing competition. She sings tremendously well and will mesmerize you with her voice. =)

Kit is made up of a pink Puff Angel attached to a rose wood carving and adorned with pink swarovski crystals.

14k gold plated chains were used.


Sharon is also like a second mother to me. She cooks fantastically well too especially her "dao suan". She's my mum's BFF! So cool right? =p =p

Sharon is made up of a white Puff Angel and is adorned with white flowers, imported pink flower, imported daisy flower and swarovski crystals.

Chain is approximately 70cm in length.

Rhodium chain was used.

Serene - S$30

Yes another Serene. A different Serene. She is my babe! She's a babe in every way! She's always on a lookout for materials for me and hand carries them all the way back home! Didn't I say she was a babe? She's not only my babe, she's my confidante too. Come home soon! =p

Serene is made up of a purple Puff Angel carrying a heart. She's adorned with imported vintage flowers and swarovski bead.

Chain is approximately 16inches. (Length of chain is adjustable.)

Rhodium chain was used.
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