Tuesday, September 30, 2008

*sobs* *waves*

Heya babes!

I had a fantastic weekend watching the first ever night race! However Ferarri was a mess on race day! What a silly mistake and what a huge disappointment it must've been for the team with Raikkonen crashing out in the last few laps! =( Oh well, I'm looking forward to next year's race already! =p =p

Just to let you guys know that I'll be away from next Monday 6th October to 13th October. No mailing will be done during that period of time.

So if you have orders, please make payment during this week so I can mail out all items before I leave.

You can still email me. I'll be checking my emails randomly and will not be able to reply them so often. Please bear with me.

Not to worry. I'll be bringing back lotsa goodies (not pressies. hehe. charms and stones etc.) just in time for my next bazaar! =p

A hunting I will go! =p
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